Truck Talk – Being a Fan

Hope you enjoy this one.  I am asking a question more than giving an answer on this one.  Please feel free to join the discussion!


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  1. Linda Kemp January 9, 2018 at 3:03 pm #

    I am a Geoff Perry fan. Why? Because you have a talent that I wish I had. You do things that I haven’t mastered and probably never will. You are a bright and shining star ! You would probably be a Famous Superstar if you lived either in L.A, N.Y, or Nashville and made some good connections. Your versatile talent would eventually be noticed. But just like all of the great artists, you have to live in a big city and hang with the “In” crowd. Even then, there’s no guarantee, so I am happy that we have you here, for now anyway, until you are discovered. I admire that you work so hard to make it as a musician. I recognize that it’s not easy and still you carry on. I could go on but thanks for being part of my world and playing wonderful music. Don’t ever stop!

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