Webinar #1 March 12, 2014 Replay

Here is it, for those who missed it, or want to review.  We had about 15 minutes of technical chaos at the beginning (edited out here)… I thought I was ready and knew how to run the webinar software!… not quite… will do better in the future, I promise!

In this forty minute free Webinar presentation I covered: where the Fiddle Jam Method comes from, the basics about EZ-Zones, some Call & Answer ear training, and opportunity for you to jam along while I played some piano accompaniments (I’ll be doing some tests to see if we can improve the web streaming sound quality in the future).  I also announced my intent to create some more defined, four week, FJI courses.  I am more than happy to get your input as to what you’d like me to cover in those courses as I develop them, and also what you’d like me to cover in future webinars too.  Just send me your comments in the form below.  Thanks!

FJI Webinar #1 March 12, 2014

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