Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd classic, violin version

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Cryptic lyrics of the Rock classic.  The band says they are about being in life in the moment.  You be the judge (see below).  Mostly G major pentatonic scale.  Don’t get too worried about the exact rhythm of the melody in the chart.  I did try to write it to mirror Pink Floyd’s original vocal version, but it is definitely open to interpretation.

Improv: Listen to my demo for ideas on how you can handle improvising over the intro.  I used almost exclusively G major pentatonic and E minor pentatonic/blues, which, as you may know are really the same scale.  The only harmonic change to listen for is the A chords which will need C#’s to sound like you are “in” with the chord changes.  In my demo you should definitely hear me “aiming” for some C#’s on those chords.

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  1. Märta Arnesson October 26, 2015 at 8:21 pm #

    This was heaven! Thank you. Beautiful!

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