Music Philosophy – Wit & Wisdom

Advice, tips, tricks, mental approaches, and philosophies on how to make your music making easier, more efficient, and most importantly… JOYFUL!

Wit & Wisdom” pieces from the original Fiddle Jam book:
Gig Etiquette & the Real World -Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about sitting in with a band
The Good Soil – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about children’s brains
Mary & the Rhythm Kings” – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about the importance of rhythm
Obedience to the Master, Greatness, & Showing Off – Wit & Wisdom about following your instincts
Oh Yeah, Don’t Forget to Breathe – Wit & Wisdom about the importance of breathing while playing
Play What You Are – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about creating emotions while improvising
A Sound Environment – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about how loud to listen to backing tracks
*Stagefright Stages – Wit & Wisdom, techniques on getting over the fear of performing
Violin vs. Fiddle – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about the differences
Newer pieces:
I hated fiddling – Wit & Wisdom, story of Geoff’s musical change of heart
What is a Beat? – Music Philosophy
Perils of the Classical-only Music Education – music philosophy
Hybrids vs. Hitler – essay on being a curator vs a creator
A417 – Music Philosophy, could standard pitch be incorrect?
Make it Dance – joyful music approach and philosophy lesson
For a more, here’s an auto-generated listing of every lesson that has the Music Philosophy and Wit & Wisdom categories assigned to them! 

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