About My performances on the Book’s CD… (jam-along-with-Geoff)

About My performances on the Fiddle Jam Book tracks…

I had a tough task.  Here I am, promoting a non-thinking creative approach to improvising, yet found myself in the position of having to think!  It is something I’ve become rather unaccustomed to — thankfully, but I thought it important to try and play within the EZ Zones only (or close to it) for the beginning of each example, then get free-er later in the example, using the extended scale notes, to show the possibilities.

So, to my ears, I sound a bit stiff at first, but that’s only because I was doing what I am telling you NOT to! Which is: THINK!

In general, I tried to keep all the performances, on all the instruments, in sync with the overall attitude of this method — that of: GO FOR IT, DON’T THINK, JUST DO.  All performances you hear are 1st or 2nd takes (and 2nd, only if there was a blatant mistake).  None are perfect.  …and that is beautiful and perfect in it’s own way.  I left it as is, warts and all, because that’s the way it is in “real” life — live — spontaneous, and in the moment.



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