Here’s a link list to the most important information pages in FJi.

  1. Home: Welcome! (Public view)
  2. New Member Welcome – quick tutorial about FJi’s features for registered users.
  3. The Fiddle Jam Method – what’s it all about?
  4. EZ-Zones What Are They?
  5. About FJi – Original homepage introduction video
  6. Why FJi? – Why the violin/fiddle world needs this sort of learning now.
  7. What FJi is NOT! – Easier to tell about the few things that it is not than the many that it is!
  8. Signup for the Free Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter!
  9. The Fiddle Jam Club & Newsletter Archive
  10. The FJi All Access Pass – top level FJi membership!
  11. Membership levels – compare
  12. Do I have to read music? …and other FAQ’s
  13. Testimonials
  14. 30-Day Guarantee
  15. Site Tour – Info on the top FJi features.
  16. Join Now! (monthly tuition portal handled securely by PayPal)
  17. Alternative Payment Option info (quarterly/bi-annual/annual/lifetime/check/cash)
  18. Login Screen – use your username & password to enter the site
  19. Help! – general listing of how to get answers to your questions on all things FJi
  20. Quick Start Videos – site features and experience explained
  21. Tech Support (tips from our webmaster about connectivity and viewing issues)
  22. Founder’s Bio – learn about Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry’s history and experiences
  23. Founder’s Blog – Geoff’s newest ramblings and announcements
  24. Free Sample Lessons – 3 full lessons for the public, 12 for registered free club members
  25. FJi School Bulletin Board Blog Wall – access only for Fiddle Jam Club and higher
  26. Open Office Hours – archive of question & Answer sessions
  27. NEW! Learning Path System – suggested learning paths by Skill, Knowledge, Experience, and Learner Type!
  28. Section/Title page lists – each main section in FJi has its own table of contents page.  This is a list of those.
  29. My Dashboard – EZ interface for FJ Club and AAP members to the most used sections of FJi
  30. Lesson List A-Z
  31. Lessons by Topic/Category
  32. Lessons by Music Style
  33. Lessons by Learning Level – EZ, Intermediate & Advanced
  34. Lessons by Key – 15 majors and 15 minors
  35. Lessons by Scale – major, minor, pentatonic, modes & more!
  36. Truck Talks –  Audio archive of Master Classes & miscellaneous ruminations recorded en-route!
  37. Fiddle Jam Interactive Song Key Archive (FJISKA)
  38. My Bookmarks (save lessons you want to come back to on your own personal list) – no link needed!  This is found at the bottom area of nearly every FJi page… even this one!  Just scroll down now to check it out.
  39. Recent Posts List – also listed at the bottom of nearly every page on FJi!
  40. Violin Humor – We all need to laugh sometimes, it might as well be at ourselves!
  41. FJi Courses – available separately in our school store & elsewhere
  42. How to Post Your Video in a Course Homework Assignment or FJi Comment Form.
  43. New Member Survey – get personal learning suggestions
  44. FJi Legal Notices
  45. Fiddle Jam Clinic live! – Info about bringing Geoff to your School or Organization!
  46. Fiddle Jam Concert Programs – Info about hosting Geoff as a featured Artist at your school or event
  47. FJi School Store (public sale of individual lesson downloads, audio, book, CD’s DVD’s and more)
  48. Suggestion Box (your ideas help help FJi!)
  49. Student Directory
  50. FJi Referral Programs – spread the word & earn discounts on your tuition! -more info coming soon!
  51. FJi Partner Affiliate Programs – spread the word and get paid! – more info coming soon!
  52. Press Box – Info about Geoff’s interviews, radio, TV, and other media appearances.
  53. Contact Us – question, comment, concern or suggestion?
  54. Cancel Membership Form
  55. Announcements  (Founder’s Blog)
  56. Calendar – live dates, webinars, course dates, deadlines, discount offers…
  57. Community (FJi Bulletin Board)
  58. Fiddle Jam Club eNewsletter Archive – check out past issues
  59. Logout – Just click on the Logout tab at the top of nearly every page!
  60. Your Profile – edit
  61. FJi Facebook Page (link)
  62. FJi YouTube Channel (link)
  63. FJi Twitter (link)
  64. Languages/Translator – see the bottom of nearly any page on FJi!
  65. Charity/Scholarships/Contests/Sweepstakes Announcements.  Keep an eye on our Founder’s Blog & Calendar, and watch for your Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter for more info on these things!
  66. Outlaw Fiddle (our sister site!) Renegade Fiddle Accessories



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