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You asked for it, and here they are.  Short, do-able, 3 or 4 step “paths” to achieve a specific educational result.  A great place to start, each of these “mini” paths will then have specific suggestions for further study from the FJi Library, as well as links to lists of lessons on similar and related subjects.

The buttons below will take you to the major types of learning paths that I could think of: Skills, Knowledge, Experience and, a fourth listing sorted by Student Type, like: if you are a “Classical Crossover” looking to get hip and “off the page,” or a fiddling Hobbyist wanting to expand your musical possibilities, and other student types that I’ve run across in my life and here in the FJi membership.  Check these out!  There maybe the perfect Path for you to get started!

If you need more personalized help or have suggestions for other learning paths, please feel free to use the contact form below.  If you want to delve deep into a subject (one month + of study), check out my more intensive courses, sold separately in the School Store.  I’m kind of excited about them and have plans to add many more!


Click the buttons below to go to their Suggested Learning Path Sections.

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Also go to your My Dashboard page to find lessons sorted by Key, Scale, Style, Topic, Learning Level and A-Z!

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