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Want to increase on your skills on a specific key, scale, or style?  You’ll find links to short, 3-4 step “mini” learning paths here on this page.  I’ll try to be as descriptive as I can in the titling below so you can pretty much know exactly what the expected skill result will be after finishing each path before you click on them.  You will also find “further learning” suggestions at the bottom of each of these mini paths.

As usual, please feel free to let me know if you have suggestions for improvements!  It could be your suggestion that changes someone’s life!

  1. A-Toodz: D Major – 3 Levels
  2. A-Toodz: G Major – 3 Levels
  3. A-Toodz: A Major – 3 Levels
  4. A-Toodz: E Minor – 3 Levels
  5. A-Toodz: B Minor – 3 Levels
  6. A-Toodz: G Minor – 3 Levels
  7. A-Toodz: D Minor – 3 Levels
  8. A-Toodz: A Minor – 3 Levels

Further Studies:

Not finding what you had in mind?  Use these buttons below to go to the other My Path pages:

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Also go to your My Dashboard page to find lessons sorted by Key, Scale, Style, Topic, Learning Level and A-Z!

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