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When I first began developing materials for the Fiddle Jam Institute, I had pretty much, one target group: violinists/fiddlers who wanted to learn how to improvise.  It did not take me long to realize that there are many many different types of learners with a multitude of learning styles and experience sets!  Honestly then, for a while in the early history of FJi, I think I got off track for a bit trying to become everything to every violinist/fiddler!  That, of course, is folly.  Thankfully, it did not take me too long to also realize that!

The take-away for me in FJi’s development curve was to then accept that FJi does indeed serve a fairly specific set of learners (those who desire to have fun and learn to be creative within the modern non-Classical “alternative-string” styles) but also that people come to FJi with their own unique set of experiences and learning preferences.  

By listening to your comments, questions, suggestions, and even sometimes, complaints, and pulling from my 35+ years of teaching experience, I’ve devised these paths below.  If you think that I’ve missed one (you), by all means, please let me know using the form below!  There may well be another learner out there like you that could also benefit!

These 3-4 lesson Paths will end with a specific goal in mind and then also lead you to further suggestions to continue your journey.

Learner/Experience Types

  1. The New-Bee Jammer: never been off the page before?  The near beginner or symphony pro can get started here.
  2. The Hobbyist: Been playing most of your life but now want to know more than just reciting the same old tunes?
  3. The Classical Crossover: Classically trained, never been off the page before, and desire to be able to jam with a band?
  4. The Old-Time Fiddler: Non-reader, knows tunes by muscle memory and finger patterns only.  Step up to Bluegrass, Blues, Rock and more by learning a few secret handshakes and Music Mechanics tricks.
  5. The Gigger: FJi’s Level 2 lessons get you ready to navigate (3-chord) “Roots Music” for live gigs with a real band.
  6. The Artist: Our Level 3 lessons go into more advanced concepts so you can handle any musical situation, including Jazz!
  7. Modern Bluegrass player: improv is becoming more of a requirement in the modern fiddling worlds.  Keep up with the trends and be prepared.  Knowing tunes alone may not be enough anymore.
  8. The “Ah-Ha Challenged” player: You love music but frustratingly, never had anyone explain how it works or why!

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