Artist Level Learning Path

Artist Level 3Takin’ it all the way… the freestylin’ quest!

The ideal Artist Level student will be a good High School player, an experienced fiddler looking to expand styles, a FJi Gigger Level graduate, or the Classical Crossover who is fairly open and unafraid to try new things.  The goal in this preparation for pro-level playing is to be musically ready for anything.

This approach includes advanced techniques like the Chop, and fine points of performance in alternative string styles and application of Jazz theory, chord knowledge, & creating your own scales to fit those chords on the fly and recognize diatonic chord sequences.

You might well have enough skills to be able to handle “free styling” it though our Lesson List to see what grabs your attention, but some suggestions might be to focus on Jazz first, even though Jazz may or may not be your artistic first choice, as the skills that Jazz teaches really allow you to be ready for just about anything, musically speaking!  If you are new to Jazz, try the great entry level “Standard”Autumn Leaves lessons.  Then give the gypsy side of Jazz a try with Minor Swing.

A-toodz Level 3 will also be a great learning tool for you to work in some more advanced licks and tricks into your muscle memory & jamming vocabulary.

Also of importance for Artist Level students is to develop the proper attitudes for not only performing, but life, making sure that music stays mentally & spiritually healthy just as well as physically.  Check out our Music Philosophy and Wit & Wisdom posts as well as Musician’s Health info.  Don’t forget that I am available for one-on-one sessions too.  Watch the Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter for announcements about premium courses and personal intensive tutoring offers!

  1. The Chop max out your coolness factor with this beat-box-like technique! Add it to fiddle tunes or funky Rock n Roll!
  2. Autumn Leaves EZ-er Jazz Standard
  3. Minor Swing famous Gypsy Jazz tune that often crosses over into Bluegrass and Western Swing.

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For the bigger picture, here’s also an auto-generated list of every FJi post with the “Artist” level category!

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