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  • The Fiddle Jam Institute is currently set up so that the PUBLIC can try a few lessons for free, plus see at least the description of each entry on the Lesson List to gain a general sense of what FJi has to offer.  Click here to navigate back to our public home page to start exploring!
  • Our official FREE level of membership is “The Fiddle Jam Club.”  By registering for this membership level you will have permissions to view 12 full and complete lessons (one from each of the main FJi learning areas) plus get at least one more sneak peak element of most of the site’s lessons, as well as receive the free Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter (unsubscribe at any time) for the most current info and offers on all things fiddle and jamming!  Click here to officially register for our Free Fiddle Jam Club level membership.
  • FJi’s top level membership plan is our “All Access Pass” (AAP).  Just as its name implies, AAP members get to see all materials (text instruction, video, audio, charts, pictures & more!) in hundreds of lessons in the FJi Library 24/7/365.  You will also get special “members only” offers, discounts, and rewards, and the opportunity to participate in the FJi community by being able to post to the school Bulletin Board Blog and other similar features.  AAP’s also get the Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter; and personal guidance, advice, and encouragement from founder Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry is only a click away as well.  Only $29.95/month …less than the average one-hour private lesson!  Do the math!… each month has over 700 hours in it… if you are a heavy sleeper, you will sleep about 250 of those… that leaves 450 hours per month for Fiddle Jamming!!  There are enough lessons in our Library, from new-bee to advanced, to last you through years of quality study… and more coming all the time!!!  $29.95/month is a great life enhancing value!  Click here to purchase your AAP membership now!  Note: IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING FREE FIDDLE JAM CLUB MEMBER AND WOULD LIKE TO UPGRADE TO AN ALL ACCESS PASS (and keep your current username and use the same email address), THERE WILL BE A SPECIAL LINK FOR YOU AFTER PAYMENT.

Payment Info: Membership tuition is currently being handled safely and securely by PayPal, and will be a recurring monthly charge to your credit card by “FIDDLE JAM INSTITUTE” with 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and you can unsubscribe at anytime after that, without penalty, no long-term commitment, no problem.

Alternative Payment Options: If you’d rather pay by check, money order, cash, (or even barter!?) please contact us via the form below.  Discounts:  If you are interested in discounted Quarterly (10% off = $85), Bi-Annual (20% off = $143.00), Annual (30% off = $249.00), or Lifetime Membership (only $450.00 and includes all my courses!) options, please click here.

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