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FJi Library Lessons By Category
Fiddle Tunes – Traditional Songs, melodies, and how to improvise over them
Fiddle Jam Book Materials – the original book materials and beyond!
Pop Songs – by student requests – All Access Pass members only
New Jam Lessons – Improvisation
Atoodz – Licks & Tricks, Vocabulary Building
Tater and Boogie Woogieback-up accompaniments
Music Mechanics – How music works (Music Theory)
Styles – Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gypsy, Country, Zydeco and more!
Cajun/Zydeco – New Orleans, USA area dance music styles
Fitz-hu-ki – Fun & Hip versions of famous violin method songs
FJi 4-Week Courses – in-depth intensive accountable to your peers
Gypsy Jazz – lessons in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
Jazz Style – section link page
The Blues – The cornerstone iconic influencer of all modern styles!
Country Music – from early folk tunes to Modern Country
Vio Tek – Alternative techniques for Left Hand & Right Hand and Electric GearTutorials
Music Book Reviews – suggested reading & study
Music Philosophy – Wit & Wisdom from Geoff’s knowledge & experience
Musician’s Health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
Interviews and info – on other violinists who may inspire!
Fiddle Jam Picture Gallery – fun “Big Bang” Images from the book and select electric violins for your inspiration!
Tech Support for website – we’ll post info and updates about potential technical web & computer problems here.
Geoff’s New Science Inspiration page – fringe science and music marriages… or just cool stuff of interest!
 New! >> FJI Course Syllabuses – suggested learning path for different kinds of learners
FJi Library Lessons By Lesson Title: (displayed alphabetically)
A Major A-toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
A minor A-toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
A417 – Music Philosophy, could standard pitch be incorrect?
Acadian Two-Step – Fiddle tune, cajun flavor
AC/DC – educational homerun! – teacher training
The All Major Pentatonic Approach – one-scale-fits-all Jam lesson
All of Me – classic jazz standard
All Shook Up – Elvis Presley – classic Rock N Roll
Amazing Grace – spiritual
Angeline the Baker – Fiddle tune
Ashokian Farewell – beautiful Waltz by Jay Ungar from the Ken Burns Mini-series on the American Civil War
Autumn Leaves – Jazz “Standard” – great for your first try at Jazz!
B Gone – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, B Blues scale
B minor A-toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
B Tuff – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, B Blues scale
Babik – Gypsy BeBop
Beethoven Minuet – rocked out!
Bellville – spirited Gypsy Jazz!
Bile Them Cabbage Down – Fiddle Tune, beginner level
Blue Suit – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, E Blues Scale
Blues Scale Anatomy – the formula
Blackberry Blossom – Fiddle Tune, intermediate level
Boogie Woogie – double string blues style accompaniments
Boozoo – traditional Cajun/Zydeco tune
Bone Bossa – bossa nova jazz tune lesson
Bossa Dorado – popular Bossa Nova Gypsy tune by Dorado Schmidt
Bouncy Blues – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, melody & jam
Bow Finger Flow – how to keep bow fingers flexible and graceful for benefit in many areas
C Jam – new jam-along
C.A.D. (Creative Ability Development) book and method review including a translation excerpt of a letter written by Mozart about how he created!  Interesting.
Cajun Waltz – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, D major improvisation
Cello & Viola – fingering conversion charts
Cheater’s instant back-up tater-ing – how to
Chord Speller – Learn how to quickly and easily spell chords on the fly!
Chop – Tek, “beat box” bowing technique
Chromatic Exercises & lines – a bonus part of our Music Mechanics 101 Course
Clinch Mountain BackStep – Fiddle Tune, Old Time Style
Contra Dance – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, D Major improvisation
Coquette – Gypsy jazz
Cotton Eyed Joe – fiddle tune
Cripple Creek – fiddle tune
D Dorian Jam – New Student jam-along
D Major A-toodz – All – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
D Major A-Toodz level 1 details
D Major A-Toodz level 2 details
D Major A-Toodz level 3 details
D minor A-Toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
D Major Jam – Beyond the Book fun jam.
Daphne – Gypsy Jazz
The Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band – country rock/rap top ten hit from 1979!
Dictation, Taking Musical Dictation – our highest art form
Diminished 7th Chord Studies
Django’s Castle – gypsy ballad
Don’t forget to breathe!  Wit 7 Wisdom from the Fiddle Jam Book
Douce Ambiance – Gypsy Jazz
E12 – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, E Blues scale improvisation
E Funki – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, E Blues scale improvisation
Electric Violin Pick-Up Info & reviews
Electronic Effects – descriptions, reviews, tutorials
Elusive Digital Stradivarius – NPR report on the future of digital electric violins
E minor A-toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
E minor Piano Funk – New Jam, E Blues scale improvisation
Essential Elements – method review
EZ-Zones – What are they?
Fake Books – What are they?
Fiddle Jam 101 Course – 4-Week intensive in-depth & accountable to your peers
Fiddle Jam Blues – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, melody, boogie woogie back-up, & jam
Fiddle Jam – preparation – what you’ll need to know
Fiddler’s Tab – Music Mechanics, simple notation tutorial
Fishman Pick-ups – Gear Demo, electrify your instrument tutorial
Gig Etiquette & the Real World – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about sitting in with a band
G Jam – New Jam, G major scale improvisation
G Major A-toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
G minor A-Toodz – Licks & Tricks, finger training for the cool stuff
The Good Soil – Wit & Wisdom from Fiddle Jam Book about children’s brains
G Swing – Fiddle Jam Book Lesson, G Blues scale improvisation
Geoff’s New Science Inspiration page – fringe science and music marriages… or just cool stuff or interest!
Gypsy Sound – Anatomy
Half & whole steps – explained & put to use
Harmonic Squeal Faux Feedback Technique! – sound like a rock guitarist even without and amp!
Harmonica Tricks for Violin – thinking in a different key
Home Run with AC/DC – Teacher Training, using heavy rock songs to inspire students
How to use the Fiddle Jam Book materials

…OK… OK!! As you can see, this alphabetical list is only up so some of the H’s!  I do not want to overwhelm you!

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