New-Bee Jammer – Learning Path

The New-Bee Jammer (“Jammer” level 1) – Your private violin lessons just not fun enough?  Don’t quit!  Just add Fiddle Jam!  For the student who just wants to experience the “Joy of the Jam” in the EZ-est “low impact,” fun, and un-scary way, and foster the prized “non-thinking creative mind-set” that is the hallmark of every good improviser, as early as possible in their development.  1st-year student and up**, one scale fits all approach.  Minimal thinking – maximum goosebump factor!  Especially good as an additive learning approach to whatever your personal private teacher might be doing with you.

**Suggested Studies: prerequisiteG, D & A major scales, first position, one octave… if you know those already, you’re “in the club!”

Path 1: “I Really Want to, but I’m Shy!”  If you are a gentle soul who does not want to be jolted and scared away on your first attempt at improvisation then try the sweet ballad The Rarest Rose or the more countrified Contra Dance or Cajun Waltz before moving on to more Rock n Roll oriented lessons in the Major Scale section.

  1. The Rarest Rose Sweet G major ballad improvisation
  2. Contra Dance EZ Folk dance in D major
  3. Cajun Waltz EZ D major 3 beat style.

Further Studies:

Path 2: “Let’s do this!”  If you know yourself to be the more excitable and eager type of learner, and the thought of jammin’ to a Rock n Roll tune sounds fun, by all means dive right in First try a couple upbeat major scale jams like LeBomb, Spiral Travels, or The Raven’s Daughter before moving on to the rougher sounding Blues scale lessons like E Funki, B Tuff,or Moon Diggin’.

  1. LeBomb A major early Rock n Roll jam.
  2. Spiral Travels A major jam band style.
  3. The Raven’s Daughter G major pop-rock groove.

Further Studies:

Both Paths: Once you’ve tried a few jams and are starting to feel comfortable with the concept of making stuff up, try expanding your lick and trick vocabulary with some of our Level 1 Rock n Blues A-toodz studies and Boogie Woogie back-up lessons.


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3 Responses to New-Bee Jammer – Learning Path

  1. Garry Scott March 20, 2017 at 3:43 pm #

    Best way for a beginner to learn your teaching method? Where to start programme?

    • fiddlejamman March 23, 2017 at 4:36 am #

      Just jump in is best! Try some easy songs or EZ-Zone fingering jams first.

      • Garry Scott March 23, 2017 at 11:46 am #

        Thank you for reply to my question.

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