Lesson Lists By Style

Cornerstone Styles:

Jazz: Straight Ahead, American Standards, BeBop, Gypsy Jazz, Latin Jazz, Jazz Fusion

Blues: Chicago, Memphis, Peidmont, Delta

Rock: Classic, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Metal, Roots, Rock n Roll, Country Rock, Progressive Rock

Country: Modern Country, Country & Western, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes, Old Time Fiddle

Other style isms, schisms & hybrids:

Bluegrass/Fiddling: This is kind of a world unto itself for sure!  Bluegrass, though it tends to sound rather ancient to many, is actually a more modern invention (1930’s by Bill Monroe) and is a more hard driving mash up of old fiddle tunes (many being more than 200 years old and of European origins) and blues.  You will find crossovers into Folk and Celtic here too.

Cajun-Zydceo: One of my personal favorite styles!  A mash-up of French Folk waltzes, Irish fiddle, German umpa, with Mexican, Afro-Jamaican, and even Native American influences!

Celtic-Irish Fiddle: this exciting style could be lumped into the Country category I guess, but that might insult those who are super dedicated & passionate about it!  There are enough isms and schisms just within this one style to warrant it’s own link I believe.

Hip Hop: Beat box on the violin and more!

Reggae: Yes!  Violin can play this rich style too!

Folk: This could be considered Country music, but is really in a category of its own.

Children’s & Beginner Songs: These could also be part of our Folk category, but are an important distinction in their own right!

Jam Band: Music from the heart of Fiddle Jam!  Some might put this in the Rock category, but it really can be just about any style!

Note: Some lessons will appear in more than one list by being related.  In musical style designations, things are not always clear cut (and that’s a good  and wonderful thing I think!).  As an example, a Children’s song may also appear in the Folk music list, or an Old Time Fiddle tune may also appear in the Bluegrass list, and a Blues oriented Jazz song could show up in both the Jazz and Blues lists as well.  I suggest you do some exploring within the styles that you are most attracted to first, but don’t be shy about checking other styles out too, as you may find a common thread between them that could become a pivot point in your learning career!  As always: HAVE FUN!!


And, as usual, if you’d like to see a lesson on a certain song, band or topic, by all means, let me know!  Just send me a note in the comments form below1


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