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The Blues! …the granddaddy of all modern non-Classical styles!  Even though today’s electric Blues styles can sound quite modern, the Blues style actually has its roots in Africa at least 200-300 years before other styles like Bluegrass! …This was a surprise to me when I, a musician who’s jamming roots, historically  only reached back to Jazz Fusion at one point in my musical development, learned of this.  Bluegrass sounded so ancient to my ears at the time, but in fact is a quite modern invention from the 1930-40’s, and is a mixture of Blues and European Folk music!  I write of this here to give you an idea of the depth of influence the Blues has had on modern music!  Another twist on this musical style history, is the famous saying: “the Blues had a baby, and its name was Rock n Roll!”

Note: Some of the items that will appear on this auto-generated and auto-updated list may not be Blues songs exactly but the lesson has some element of the Blues or blues scales in its content… which is a lesson in and of itself, as you can easily see how far-reaching the Blues is! Please feel free to let me know if you have opinions or suggestions about these listings!  Your input is always welcome!

PS 2016: Producing and actual “Blues Violin” course has been on my to-do list for years now.  Go ahead and “poke” me in the comment form below if you want! ;~)  Educator, Martin Norgaard and I actually wrote a whole book’s-worth of Blues Violin tunes for a book the the Mel Bay Publishing Company was interested in at the time, but we ran into contract problems and the project got dropped.  I still have all those tunes though, and will start making them into individual lessons as I can now.  In the mean time, here’s a few real Blues Violin tunes (and not just Blues influenced songs, jams, or lessons that you will find in the auto generated list below):

Here’s the auto generated “anything having to do with Blues” list:


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