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The Blues!

…the granddaddy of all modern non-Classical styles!  Even though today’s electric Blues styles can sound quite modern, the Blues style actually has its roots in Africa at least 200-300 years before other styles like Bluegrass! …This was a surprise to me when I, a musician who’s jamming roots, historically only reached back to Jazz Fusion at one point in my musical development, learned of this.  Bluegrass sounded so ancient to my ears at the time, but in fact is a quite modern invention from the 1930-40’s, and is a mixture of Blues and European Folk music!  I write of this here to give you an idea of the depth of influence the Blues has had on modern music!  Another twist on this musical style history, is the famous saying: “the Blues had a baby, and its name was Rock n Roll!”

Note: Some of the items that will appear on this auto-generated and auto-updated list below may not be Blues songs exactly but the lesson has some element of the Blues or blues scales in its content… which is a lesson in and of itself, as you can easily see how far-reaching the Blues is! Please feel free to let me know if you have opinions or suggestions about these listings!  Your input is always welcome!  Just scroll down and leave me a comment below.

PS August 2017 update: I finally got my long awaited Blues Violin Course done!  It turned out quite well I think with a good selection of all the 4 main geographical quadrants of American Blues (North, South, East and West) and covers many In-The-Style-Of (ITSO) famous artists ranging from early folk-based Piedmont Blues to modern Blues/Rock-based pop bands like ZZ Top, the Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughan!… yes, you can play all of these styles on your violin!

The Blues Violin Course It is not part of the Fiddle Jam Library at this point but is so complete that I decided to offer it as a stand-alone product in our School Store.  It is still for sale now, you can join in at anytime and will have Lifetime Access after that, but I may block newcomers, and put it in the vault soon while I focus on the next course product too, so get it while you can!  Click here to get more info.  I offer free introductions to each lesson and my video performance example of each song in the course on the Fiddle Jam Institute YouTube channel, but also have posted them all on a single page for you to check out HERE.

If you are not quite ready to join us in the Blues Violin Course, the general FJi Library never-the-less has quite a few Blues Violin tunes and many many Blues influenced songs, jams, or lessons that you will find in the auto generated list below that:

Here’s the auto generated “anything having to do with Blues” list:


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