Blues Violin Course

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Blues Violin Primer Lessons

Check out these introductory “primer” lessons to learn the basics about everything you’ll need to know to get the most out of the full “Tune Lessons” in Modules One, Two & Three below.

  1. Video #1 Blues Violin Why? (from the Free Video series)
  2. Video #2 EZ Blues Improv (from the Free Video series)
  3. Video #3 EZ Boogie Woogie Backups (from the Free Video series)
  4. Video #4 Everything You Need To Know (from the Free Video series)
  5. Video #5 Practice How Much?  How Long?  and, more.
  6. Video #6 Blues Philosophy The purposeful Player, the proper attitude.
  7. Video #7 Blues History: A brief history and geography of American Blues
  8. Video #8 Notation Systems: Staff, Note Names, Finger Numbers and Fiddler’s Tab
  9. Video #9 Blues Terms II: beyond Video #4
  10. Video #10 The Note Number System
  11. Video #11 The “Get Away With Murder” Scale
  12. Video #12 Scale Formulas major and minor pentatonic, and the blues scale
  13. Video #13 Bass Lines: Let’s put what you’ve been learning to Bass-ic use!
  14. Video #14 Chord Numbers: The basics
  15. Video #15 Advanced Chord Numbers: Beyond the I-IV-V
  16. Video #16 Shuffle vs. Straight Rhythm it’s all about groove
  17. Video #17 The Improviser’s Mindset focus vs thinking
  18. Video #18 Minor vs Major: when and why to use each
  19. Video #19 Epiphany Story #1: Albert Collins
  20. Video #20 Epiphany Story #2: Shakin Smith
  21. Video #21 Four-Bar Phrasing Exercises: lengthen your music awareness

Blues Violin Course Module One

Module One is part of the Blues Violin Express 1 purchase, and of course, the complete course purchase.

  1. Tune Lesson: The Box Blues
  2. Tune Lesson: BB Blues
  3. Tune Lesson: X-Ray Blues
  4. Tune Lesson: Low Down Blues

Blues Violin Course Module Two

Module Two is part of the Blues Violin Express 2 purchase, and of course, the complete course purchase.

  1. Tune Lesson: Blimp Blues
  2. Tune Lesson: Bug Blues
  3. Tune Lesson: Cat Gut Blues
  4. Tune Lesson: Blind Blues

Blues Violin Course Module Three

Module Three is part of the Blues Violin Express 3 Purchase, and of course, the complete course purchase.

  1. Tune Lesson: Black Tie Blues
  2. Tune Lesson: The Un-Ethical Blues
  3. Tune Lesson: Monday Blues
  4. Tune Lesson: Bop Blues
  5. Bonus One: Brother Blues
  6. Bonus Two: Charts of all EZ Zones
  7. Bonus Three: All Audio Play-Along Tracks
  8. Bonus Four: All Performance Videos
  9. Bonus Five: How-To Create Your Own ITSO Tracks

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