FJI Legal Notices

OK, here’s the legal stuff about you using the Fiddle Jam Institute site, viewing & using the materials presented here, in as plain English (unless you are using our language translator feature) as possible.

  1. Damages: The Fiddle Jam Institute (FJI), Fanatical Fitzhugh Music,  & Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry, intend no harm to any user of the website and it’s materials and can not be held responsible for any damages (physical, mental, emotional, financial &/or other) that you may incur by using the website and its materials.  (What those could possibly be, we can hardly imagine, but we are told that we need to say that).
  2. Electronic Viruses: The Fiddle Jam Institute will do everything in its power to make sure that the site is safe from malicious electronic viruses and other malware, but FJI will not be held responsible for your lack of protection from such things.  We recommend that you always have some sort of up-to-date anti-virus protection on your computer while using FJI site materials, just-in-case.
  3. Video Content Safety: At this early point in the Fiddle Jam Institute’s development (November 2013), let it be known that our video content is currently stored on YouTube.  You then get to view this video content with special embedded electronic code “sharing” links provided to us by YouTube that we place in the “behind-the-scenes” portion of our FJI lesson posts to conveniently allow you to view the video without actually having to leave our FJI website.  YouTube is setup so that they automatically suggest other videos to watch next.  These are auto-suggested by use of searchable “tag” or “key” words that are provided by the person who uploaded the video to YouTube’s servers and are hidden from the user/viewer.  FJI, Fanatical Fitzhugh Music, & Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry are not responsible for what you may “click-thru” to view after our video content is done playing.  We have no control over the age appropriateness of this click-thru content or whether it might be offensive to you or not.  We go through many pains to make sure that our own materials are not offensive in any way that we can think of while creating our lessons.  Only you have the control for yourself, or your child, over this click-thru content.  We recommend that you stay on the FJI website after viewing our videos to be safe.
  4. Intellectual Property and Copyrights: The majority of the materials presented within the FJI website are original content by Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry.  As a registered user, you are free to view, listen to, and in some cases, download these materials for your own personal use ONLY.  It is against many US and international intellectual property laws for you to share or resell these materials.  Though the dangers of this might seem minimal to you, we ask and recommend that you do not.  We request this not only because Geoff makes a portion of his income from FJI that provides for his family, but for your own protection as well, as recent US supreme court decisions have clearly ruled such matters with fines in the many thousands of dollars on those caught with illegally downloaded copywritten materials.  As to the rights of songs that are taught on the FJI website that are NOT written by G.F. Perry: a portion of your FJI subscription fees goes toward paying further licensing fees to organizations like ASCAP & BMI that collect royalty money for other creators of the songs used.  This legally gives you the right to view and use these materials on the FJI site and for your own personal use ONLY.  In the same fashion as the original G. F. Perry materials above, it is also against many US and international intellectual property laws for you to share or resell these materials.  YouTube (who currently hosts our video content) also pays a “blanket” fee to these performance rights organizations to cover all videos on its servers world-wide, which includes our FJI video content as well.
  5. Privacy: We will not knowingly ever share any of your personal information to any outside entity.


If you have any questions or comments about the above policies and notices, please feel free to contact us by the form below.

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