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OK… WHAT’S FJi ALL ABOUT?… Take a walk on the wild side of the violin/fiddle worlds!  Play creatively with heart for a lifetime of fun and opportunity!  Learn how to “get off the page” and not only improvise, but be able to instantly create accompaniment parts in styles like Blues, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Bluegrass, Country, Cajun, and more!  There is something here for every level of player, from the beginner who desires to have a creative and fun foundation, to the Symphony Pro looking to explore alternative styles!

HOW’S IT WORK?… The Fiddle Jam Institute features a School Library that’s packed with hundreds of lessons that include pictures and video, audio play-along tracks, fingerboard graphics and text instruction as needed.  Also included are “Truck Talk” podcasts, “Open Office Hour” webcasts, jam-along audio tracks, electric violin gear tutorials, and tons of encouragement and fun!  We also have “result-specific” mini-courses available, most of which are included in our All Access Pass membership level, with a few others that developed into full blown courses of study and are so specific and transformational that we decided to offer them as a stand-alone products from our School Store.  Learn more about our Membership levels here.  Or… heard enough?… Join us right now for a low monthly fee by clicking the button below!

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