Great new testimonials that I am honored to share:

  • You definitely answered my question. I will say this, you appear to be different in your teaching methods from anyone I’ve  ever seen. I’M in. Jeff M.
  • I must say that the videos you have on YouTube sold me cause you said so many things in such a simple and easy to understand way that I thought, yes, this is the course for me………..demystifying a whole lot of gobblygook for those people who have never done theory before…………thanks so much…. Karien R. – Australia

  • “I just join to become a member, and I like your site very much!! I’m a beginner in violin (just started last year), and I learn new stuff every day!  I think I learn a lot more in these few days than the last several months.  Thank you very much for making this Wonderful Site!!” Deili T.
  • “…this site with learning to jam in all these styles for fiddle is what I’ve been yearning for forever…and after working with the first lesson I picked, I couldn’t be happier with the methods used to teach and the simplification of a mysterious process known only to a select few natural born musical geniuses known as improvisation…many thanks…you’ve made my retirement a blessing!” Rosie D.
  • “Thanks for the advice on my instrument purchase… BTW, I’ve learned so much from you so far. Your explanations are great, and most of all, no hint arrogance. It’s really nice you reveal a lot of the secrets and mystery’s of fiddle-playing. You’ve thought through and have experienced a lot of it already, so my ears are wide open when you teach and offer insight on the fiddle.  God Bless you and your fiddle playing!”  Wagoner
  • “I have to tell you, I was searching the i-net for a couple days watching instructional programs with the intention of finding one to get involved with. I was disappointed by most of what I watched. I gave up and found you as a result of a different search for pickup reviews... That search led me to your website and nearly two hours of watching your videos. You don’t flaunt your talent and abilities, but you couldn’t hide them in a dark room in the middle of a moonless night – it’s very obvious. And, I’m not just talking about your playing abilities. You have a great way of explaining things that many people probably didn’t even know they needed to know about playing a fiddle well until they heard and watched you explain it. There seems to be people that can play well, but just do not have the ability to teach effectively. One has to not involve ego, and they have to be able to effectively communicate the nuances of the details that make playing an instrument an emotional event for both the player and the listener. You do that! Thank you for what you are doing. Instead of just trying to make a buck offering something mediocre dressed up with BS, you are the real deal, offering the real deal.” – Q. Hydock
  • “I am so impressed with the extent and quality of your lessons, the personal touch, and organization of information! Your Fiddle Jam book from Hal Leonard publishing was and still is my favorite improv lesson. I have been buying fiddle lesson books for years and yours is the first that got to the heart of learning improvisation.” – D. Miller

And, my favorites from the past too:

  • “You are a serious player” – famed electric violin icon, Jean Luc Ponty’s statement to Geoff.
  • “What a fun book (Fiddle Jam) that is. The kids should really “glom” onto it!” Darol Anger, “freestyle violinist” with Turtle Island String Quartet, David Grisman, Psychograss, and others.
  • “Fiddle Jam IS way cool!” – Renata Bratt Past Pres. of the International Association for Jazz Education String Caucas, past Pres. of the Suzuki Assoc. of Calif., improvising Cellist with Lyell Lovett, David Sanborn, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, and others.
  • “Fiddle Jam does everything it promises and more!” Stuart O., UK
  • “…a top-notch teacher!”  Andy D.
  • “Thanks Fitz!… What’s working well for me is the jamming.  That is an amazing and quick way to improve freedom and bowing.  Good stuff!” – Shawn M. – FJi member
  • “You have a good site… but more important, you have a really good teaching method and style. Easy on the mind… no pretense or look how good I am stuff.” – Nat H. – FJi member
  • “A natural and gifted teacher” – Randie Naughton – Waldorf School Administrator
  • “changed my life!” – Yvonne Necifero. – adult student restarting after retirement
  • “a breakthrough approach” – Lou S. – mom, school principal, wife of a known songwriter
  • “My daughter (age 7) couldn’t wait to get it (Fiddle Jam Book) home and in the CD player, and then jammed for an hour!” John M. – Middle School principal
  • “I’m not exactly sure what it is, but all heads turn whenever Geoff Perry begins to play!” – Jim P.- bandmate
  • “Whatever you’re doing in there (in the lesson room), keep doing it, because my kid will not STOP practicing!” parent in E. Aurora, NY
  • “My husband and I just wanted to express our appreciation for all the effort and patience you have shown towards our daughters. Your passion for music and your gift for teaching has helped to develop a taste for all things musical in our home. The girls have often left their classes entertained by your stories, encouraged by your experiences and their horizons broadened by your zeal for life. Our one desire is for our daughters to develop abilities that will, in turn, bless others around them and you have been instrumental (no pun intended) in helping to shape this area of their lives.” Carey Morrison (Palatka, Florida) – parent of 8 with 4 girls studying with Geoff
  • I want to commend you on your fantastic teaching style put forth with my daughter Nicole, a true “beginner” at the violin! You are a truly creative teacher, and it is clear that you have a superb talent for “teaching” that inspires the young and old alike! I appreciate that you are giving her a chance to “enjoy” the music and to focus on the positive, especially at this early phase which (my hope) will help keep her interest as the lessons become more demanding. …I wish I had met you 35 years ago when I first took violin lessons (myself) from a very strict teacher, coincidentally in Buffalo (where we are both originally from)… Stephanie & Nicole Hovsepian (Gainesville, Florida)
  • “Just wanted to tell you that you have changed my whole focus and goals concerning the fiddle. Amazing. I bought your book the day after I signed up. You blew me away with the Fiddle Jam Method, and I know it’s going to resonate with me for the rest of my fiddle career. …the content you have created for the website is gold.” …“Here’s another one: Improvising and jamming was exactly what I wanted to do way before I even had the idea to pick up the fiddle, but I always thought that it was a goal that people could only reach by devoting their entire lives to it from a very young age. It’s BORING to play the notes on the page, that’s why I quit piano lessons! I assumed that there was some innate-genius aspect to musical improvisation that couldn’t really be taught, and I had no idea how to start down that path. A month later, here I am, improvising on songs the way I used to in Guitar Hero and Unjammer Lammy (video games), but with a real instrument and so much more freedom to play and do whatever I want! I have even started breaking down new songs I hear, thinking about what riffs they are using and how I would play them, even listening for the bassline and chord changes, in order to use them in my own music. Now that I have learned so much from FiddleJam about song structure and composition, I’ve become really interested in composing (maybe a bit further down the line though). Thanks Geoffrey!” Joseph G.

  • You really have a way of teaching that makes learning a lot of fun. I got very positive responses in the issues you were in. Mike Spears – Publisher of iFiddleMagazine

    Want to submit a comment of your own?  I’d love to hear about your Fiddle Jamming experiences!


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