Yes, you guessed it…

This is the “Fanatical Fitzhugh” (Geoff’s alter-ego) take on some of the tunes from that other famous violin method. ;~)

I hope you enjoy… and learn in a much more fun and light-hearted way!

PS: I think I will also feature these on their own YouTube channel in case you have violin student friends who are not a part of Fiddle Jam Institute yet.  I want EVERYBODY to have more fun with music!

* Let me know if there are other favorites that you’d like to hear re-worked into fun modern rock n roll.  For legal reasons I can NOT do the songs that Sinichi Suzuki composed himself, but the rest are fair game my attorney says!

We’re just getting started on this one.  Here’s an auto generated list of lessons in teh “Fitz-hu-ki category.  More to come soon!


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