Why FJi?

Why was the Fiddle Jam Institute created?

This is one of the first videos I produced for FJi (you can see that my hair is much less gray than in later videos!).   In the video I tried to address why I created the institute.  The main reason is that there is a need for it in today’s violin and fiddle marketplace.  The old Classical “from the page only” model is in its last dying breaths.   A new, more creative, “from the inside out” approach is taking its place; one with heart-centered fun and joy at its core, and the ability to create parts on the spot in nearly any style… INCLUDING Classical if you so desire!

In my opinion, this is a WAY more desirable education model, with results that will last a lifetime and not just until you are out of school.  Check out the video below for more info.
Why Fji?

Also related to this video, check out another one I produced a few years later titled: “What FJi is NOT!


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