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In general, most subjects at FJi are arranged into three distinct learning levels.  You can think of them as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, though throughout the developments of FJi history I’ve tried to call them more colorful and fun, and sometimes more descriptive things.  Rather than go back and re-name them all, I’ve decided to keep them as they were and list them below.  Have Fun!

Level 1: Jammer, Jamming 101A-Toodz Level 1: Our more entry level lessons where typically, improvisation is presented in a one-scale-fits-all approach and the coveted non-thinking mental skill is fostered and encouraged.

Level 2: Gigger, Jamming 102 A-Toodz Level 2: Typified by a bit more knowledge and ear that encompasses simple 3-chord Roots music, and requires the student to switch major pentatonic scales to match the chords as they pass.  Also includes the selective use of blues scales and blue notes mixed in at appropriate times with the other scales.  Beginning Music Mechanics (music theory) is also applied via use of the note number system (intervals) and chord number systems.

Level 3: Artist, Jamming 103Jamming 104+, A-Toodz Level 3: Going beyond 3-chord Roots Music and moving toward Jazz where students will need a variety of scales to match more complicated chord progressions including minor scale variations, altered & diminished chords, and recognizing sections of diatonic chords including iii vi ii V.

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