Jamming 101 Lessons

Jamming 101: minimal thinking – maximum doing!

This list is related to our “Jammer” level lessons that are where the Fiddle Jam Method begins.  The idea with this level of improvisation study is to take very simple symmetrical boxed finger patterns, we call “EZ-Zones,” and crack open the door to the creative world without thinking too hard about it and earning your way into a good creative foundation by learning to trust your own inner creative promptings as the priority.  Yes!… if you are relaxed enough, and not fussing too much about which fingers to use, etc… (which our EZ-Zones make …easy!), you will begin to “pre-hear” ideas that you would like to hear coming up in the music… THIS is where improvisers, and creators in general, need to LIVE!  Get good at listening for these ideas (they are yours and yours only) and of course, following them, the best you can… even if you just start copying the rhythm of your ideas, you are one your way!!!!  Have FUN!


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