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Fiddle Tunes – Traditional Songs, melodies, and how to improvise over them
Fiddle Jam Book Materials – the original book materials and beyond!
Pop Songs – by student requests – All Access Pass members only
New Jam Lessons – Improvisation
Atoodz – Licks & Tricks, Vocabulary Building
Tater and Boogie Woogie” back-up accompaniments
Music Mechanics – How music works (Music Theory)
Styles – Rock, Blues, Jazz, Gypsy, Country, Zydeco and more!
Cajun/Zydeco – New Orleans, USA area dance music styles
Fitz-hu-ki – Fun & Hip versions of famous violin method songs
FJi Courses – in-depth and intensive  *NEW (2015) Lifetime access, one price!
Gypsy Jazz – lessons in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
Jazz Style – section link page
The Blues – The cornerstone iconic influencer of all modern styles!
Country Music – from early folk tunes to Modern Country
Vio Tek – Alternative techniques for Left Hand & Right Hand and Electric GearTutorials
Music Book Reviews – suggested reading & study
Music Philosophy – Wit & Wisdom from Geoff’s knowledge & experience
Musician’s Health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
Interviews and info – on other violinists who may inspire!
Fiddle Jam Picture Gallery – fun “Big Bang” Images from the book and select electric violins for your inspiration!
Tech Support for website – we’ll post info and updates about potential technical web & computer problems here.
Geoff’s New Science Inspiration page – fringe science and music marriages… or just cool stuff of interest!
 New! >> FJI Course Syllabuses – suggested learning path for different kinds of learners
Violin Humor – We all need to laugh sometimes… it might as well be at ourselves!
Seasonally!… Holiday Tunes!
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