MM101-Blue Suit in a ROADHOUSE BAR of 12


perrys bluesStanding out with the rough crowd.

Jam Stuff: Cut 28 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD

Jam Example: Cut 29 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)
 No Violin Backing Track:

The Jump Start: Cool, blue, straight forward and easy.  Blues like it wants to be.
Scale: A Blues
Key: A “universal” (a mix of minor notes in the scale and major notes in the chords).
Notes: any, A, C, D, E, or, G (with Eb’s thrown in for some fun).
EZ-Zones: Low: 0, 1, 3, on the G and D strings, and/or,
High: 0, L2, 3, on the A and E strings.
Characteristic: Wailing, whining, crying, and a little angry, but glad to be alive.
Preparation: Run the EZ-Zone notes from top to bottom, sideways, diagonal, etc…. until you start dreaming of them at night!

Simple: Start and end on an A.  Stay within the EZ-Zones and you can’t go wrong!   Remember, it’s your creation, so play whatever YOU feel will sound good.
Advanced: See/hear “Jam Stuff” on the CD for an idea or two.  Add some Eb’s and slide into your E’s.
Listening Lesson: Listen for the repeated 12 bar phrase.  Let your “ear knowledge” of it become second nature and try responding to the end of the phrase by changing what you’re doing a bit (maybe play a little less, or more).
Troubleshooting: Don’t overthink it!  Just play a conversation.  …and don’t be afraid to repeat your ideas (and even your so-called mistakes!), because, in music, that’s called a motif!


P.J. (Post Jam): Tell yourself (or have someone else tell you) that you are the pure embodiment of the blues, and  just healed every soul who heard you!

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