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MM101-Cotton Eyed Joe

Just to get things rolling with this lesson, here’s a half-crazy rockin’ cajun version of this tune I did for kicks with my good friend Michael Ward Bergman. Enjoy, then check out the lesson materials below!  Not to get you too distracted from the topic on hand, if you are

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MM101-Moon Diggin’

MOON DIGGIN’ It’s music to strip mine too! Jam Stuff: Cut 24 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD Example: Cut 25 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)  No Violin Backing Track:[ca_audio url_mp3=”http://fiddlejaminstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/FJBk25-MoonDiggin-NoVln.mp3″ url_ogg=”” download=”true” skin=”regular” align=”none”] The Blast Off: Fun, pop rock, medium tempo. Scale: G Blues Key: G minor Notes: any,

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MM101-Blue Suit in a ROADHOUSE BAR of 12

BLUE SUIT in a ROADHOUSE BAR of 12 Standing out with the rough crowd. Jam Stuff: Cut 28 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD Jam Example: Cut 29 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)  No Violin Backing Track: The Jump Start: Cool, blue, straight forward and easy. 

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Monster High!

Popular kid’s TV show theme.  Transcribed by request.  I bumped it up 1/2 step from the original (Eb minor) to the much more “fiddle-friendly” E minor.  I also manipulated the original soundtrack audio below to match the key of our chart (you’re welcome :~). Improvisation on this one… there is

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Music Book Reviews

I’ll put links to info and reviews of music study books I think are worthy of you checking them out here: C.A.D. (Creative Ability Development) book and method review including a translation excerpt of a letter written by Mozart about how he created!  Interesting. Essential Elements – method review Technique

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Red Haired Boy

Here’s I cool tune that I have become rather enamored with lately.  The A section and the B sections are almost identical… only one line different from each other, so once you learn the A section you’ll practically have the whole tune down!  Below are 3 versions, EZ to more

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