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E minor Tabla Jam

Here’s a new one I created in GarageBand for a student’s Call & Answer session recently.  It worked very well for her!  This particular student is a super-smart teen who is going to college early and has a very developed left/logical side of her brain… so much so that she

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MM101-Moon Diggin’

MOON DIGGIN’ It’s music to strip mine too! Jam Stuff: Cut 24 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD Example: Cut 25 from Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)  No Violin Backing Track:[ca_audio url_mp3=”″ url_ogg=”” download=”true” skin=”regular” align=”none”] The Blast Off: Fun, pop rock, medium tempo. Scale: G Blues Key: G minor Notes: any,

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MM101-Blue Suit in a ROADHOUSE BAR of 12

BLUE SUIT in a ROADHOUSE BAR of 12 Standing out with the rough crowd. Jam Stuff: Cut 28 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD Jam Example: Cut 29 from the Fiddle Jam Book/CD (see video above)  No Violin Backing Track: The Jump Start: Cool, blue, straight forward and easy. 

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New-Bee Jammer – Learning Path

The New-Bee Jammer (“Jammer” level 1) – Your private violin lessons just not fun enough?  Don’t quit!  Just add Fiddle Jam!  For the student who just wants to experience the “Joy of the Jam” in the EZ-est “low impact,” fun, and un-scary way, and foster the prized “non-thinking creative

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Classical Cross-Over – Learning Path

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from having a little fun!   It’s super easy once you are coaxed to just crack open that creative door! The Classical Cross-Over– (assumes good technique, good reader, some previous theory knowledge, but little or no experience in getting away from

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0-1-3 Blues Scale Section

Chapter two from the original “Fiddle Jam, a way-cool easy way to learn how to improvise!” book/CD. <<::>> And now for the really cool stuff… I would’ve put this section first, but skipping fingers is sometimes a technical hang-up for those just starting out.  Nevertheless, I find that students quickly

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