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This is a “list of lists” so to speak.   Each subject, chapter, or main section of study within FJi has its own title page/table of contents list page.  …I know, it was kind of making my eyes spin in my head when I first started FJi too!… and was

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Classical Cross-Over – Learning Path

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from having a little fun!   It’s super easy once you are coaxed to just crack open that creative door! The Classical Cross-Over– (assumes good technique, good reader, some previous theory knowledge, but little or no experience in getting away from

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Bluegrass – Section

Bluegrass and Fiddling are really cousins. Fiddling has its roots in European tunes that came westward with the immigrants up to 200 or more years ago.  Often these tunes were called “Mountain Music.” Bluegrass, in comparison, as stated elsewhere on the site, though it sounds just as ancient to modern

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Folk Music Lessons

Folk Music.  Yes, this could be considered Country/Fiddle music by many, but is really in a category of its own, going, I think, beyond any category into a musical place that is universal, simple, and historical or geographical.  Simply put, like its name, it is music for plain folks!

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