Beethoven’s Oven

Here’s a tune that I’ve become a bit enamored with lately.  It is the first section of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, the 2nd Movement.  I of course, had heard it many times before, but it didn’t really get on my radar for our uses here until hearing a Bashar (the spirit channeled by Darrel Anka) session on YouTube that said this tune is perfect meditation music!  Interesting.  Regardless of what you may think of folks channelling spirits who speak through them, it is a beautiful tune that can be interpreted many different ways.  It has two distinct melodic parts that stand as a nice duet, and I find the chords to also make a very nice gypsy jazz song!  Check out the demo I recorded below to see one idea of where you can take this song stylistically.  I arranged it in a slow-fast-slow-faster order for effect.  The slow sections are played just as the chart shows below.  The fast parts of the form repeat the A section, so it becomes AABB like any other fiddle tune for soloing (see improv directions below).

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