One of my favorite gypsy jazz tunes!  This one always sounds spirited to me.  Bellville, I’m told, is/was the “red light” district in Paris.

E-Z improv: The A section is a mixture of D major and D minor/blues scales stuff.  Start with trying just D major scale, then slide in the b3 (F), b5 (Ab) and b7 (C) as you see fit.  The B section starts with G minor and the D major again.  You will sound like you know what you are doing if you can hit some Bb’s during the G minor.  The last 4 bars of the B section are “up for grabs!”  Follow the changes if you can… but even if you can, you may just want to jam out on the D blues scale here, then release all the clashes when you hit the last A section but focusing on D major more.  Have Fun!

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