Bile Them Cabbage Down

Learn the melody to this simple fiddle tune, by ear, one note at a time.  It is from the early 1800’s, in about every beginner book, and played at nearly every “pot luck picking’ party jam session.”  “Ubiquitous” is a good word for it!  If you’ve been playing only for a couple weeks, you may be able to do this version!  It’s that easy.

Learn the melody, one note at a time by ear:

All-in-one play along with music chart roll and embedded bow & finger cam shots

Play along!  Nice and slow.  72 beats per minute (bpm).  Both A & B sections of the melody.

OK, I’m going to get fairly exhaustive on this one now.  Below you will find all kinds of audio tracks I’ve used in my teaching of this song.  From the absolute beginner on about their second lesson playing only open strings to “back-up” the track (playing the names of the chords), right up to the more advanced who I might be coaching how to perform this song with their band at a live gig, including improvising (see “Pot Luck Pickin’ Party” version at the bottom)!

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