Bossa Dorado

This well written tune, by contemporary guitarist and violinist Dorado Schmidt, has become a staple with Gypsy Jazz bands.  It is usually played with a Latin music-based Bossa Nova feel (with eighth notes will be straight and not swung).

The chords to the intro/outro sound much like James Bond movie theme music, and musicians often quote that over it.  Most players take quite a lot of liberty with the last couple bars of the melody too.  The melody in general has a lot of interval skips in it.  These tug an pull on the ear in a very effective way I think.  I especially like the F note (the b9) against the E7 chords.  Adding the b9 to any chord that acts as a dominant 7th chord in gypsy music is a cool trick that I personally use often.  I am planning on doing a whole lesson on just this idea alone (coming soon!).

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