BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013

I hope this one does not freak any of you out too badly (maybe parents might want to view it first before letting your kids see it?).  Those of you who know me more personally, know that this kind of subject is possibly more important to me than even music!

Being that this is a music education site though, the musical tie-in is that our history and societal trends do effect our music making in a big way!  I have spoken elsewhere that it is no coincidence that the music of post World War II featured the V-I cadence in a subliminal “we are the most victorious nation(s) on earth!” statement; and in another era, the 1990’s “grunge” movement brought in an overall Generation X attitude of “we are losers” and the music of the day featured instead the IV-I cadence and movement by a minor 3rd more!

I do not think that anything in this video is new.  Most people I know understand in their guts, that this has probably been a reality for a long time.  This is just the first time a government official of this rank is saying so!  May the ripples into society begin.  It’s a very interesting time to be alive.  Sincerely, Fitz


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