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I think #36 category sort is “tater” below?  “wp_cpl_sc cat_id=36” in brackets… maybe category is not what I’m looking for?… but tags?? no… the “Style Studies” category might be fine and do the trick!?  where do I find it’s number?… “catlist id=38 numberposts=-1” in brackets produces a list.  …#37 is Style Studies here goes>>>…>>>nope. 37 produces a list of everything that has style studies associated with it in one very long list!  hmmmm…. can I use this sort list code as a hyper link? somewhere?… like the word “jazz” on this page then in a hyper link on that word place the code??  let’s try: “Jazz” OK, that is weird, it did not show my word jazz but the list! (I now undid the hyper link).

OK blues = 40, jazz=38 rock=41 country=42 reggae=55 57=celtic, 59=cajun, 60=folk, 61=bluegrass, 215=pop, lets try one: “catlist id=55 numberposts=-1” …whoa!  I have to be VERY tight with the categories!  All kinds of things showed up on that list! (Zydeo lesson had reggae checked?? I edited).  not very useful yet.

I COULD maybe make a list of style names on this page with hyper links on each that takes user to a NEW post with that sort list code on it i guess…  let’s try that.  I will now create a new post for JAZZ… OK, I could do that… kind of a very long list though (that needs category tightening)… haven’t I already done this?? … I have posts for each style in the category lesson list page… those will have thier own shortcode address right?  …


Gypsy Jazz

Fiddle Tunes




I think I can keep these developmental notes in the post BTW… for my own future reference: just keep them outside of my merge codes to hide them from the users!



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