Cheater’s instant back-up tater-ing – how to

Story: You show up at your first Pot Luck Pickin’ Party with your fiddle in hand, maybe you’ve practiced a few tunes and are eager to try them out with some other real life, flesh and blood musicians.  You’ve even brought a nice plate of your best brownies in hopes that they might gain you favor in the other more experienced players eyes… then they start out with a tune you do not know!  Oh no!  What to do?…

Backing off into the shadows while you nervously start wolfing down those brownies, will not serve you.  You came there to get a positive musical experience after all, didn’t you? 

Here’s how to at least play SOME part, even if it is a simple one, and participate in the whole music-making process and experience right from the start: Our “Cheater’s instant back-up tater-ing” technique works just fine for these situations!

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