Cotton Eyed Joe

Just to get things rolling with this lesson, here’s a half-crazy rockin’ cajun version of this tune I did for kicks with my good friend Michael Ward Bergman. Enjoy, then check out the lesson materials below!  Check out the Vio-Tek section for info about the effects I am using to get these sounds on my violin.


Description: Cotton Eyed Joe.  A common bluegrass/old time fiddle jam tune.  In general, this is a one chord song (see “side note” below), so jamming over it is also an easy “one-scale-fits-all” (though you can add a couple twists to that too (see “jam-along” below).  No difficult notes for the student, but a few tricky tied rhythms you’ll want to watch out for.  I suggest listening to the recording often for this one.  That will kind of drill the “tune” into your head so playing it will be a no-brainer in no time!

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