Cripple Creek

Description: This tune is a “standard” in the pickin’ community.  There are many different versions of it.  This one is purposefully simple to get you started.  Its roots most likely go back to the early 1800’s.  Key of D major.  Note: some folks like to play this tune in the key of A major instead.  In that case simply move all your notes up one string (easier to do if you have it memorized!).

Beginners: try just the back-ups first.  This will get you playing SOMETHING right away and features only open strings.  Simply play the names of each chord (above the staff) one time per beat.

Note: “PLPP” = “Pot Luck Pickin’ Party” version with a whole band backing you up!… including jamming in the middle.  Play along with whatever part you are comfortable with… just like one of those “back yard bring a dish to pass” folk music gatherings!

Jam-along: D major scale does the trick on this one.  Play anything YOU think sounds good using the scale notes and you can’t go wrong!  Why?… all the melody notes and all the back-up chords are made entirely of notes from the D major scale!  This is what we call “Diatonic” (dia= within & tonic = name of key/scale, so “within the key!”).  Have fun!  See the “Pot Luck Pickin’ Party” (PLPP) version of this tune for an example of what can be done with it on the jamming end!

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