Half & whole steps – explained & put to use

The title says it all on this one.  I actually woke up with the ideas on how and why to do this lesson already in my head one day… was it sent to me in a dream?… I’m not sure… but, just like musical ideas, I’m trying my best to obey them, and got right up, splashed some water on my face, put on a shirt, and turned the camera on.  I might look a little sleepy, but it is the lesson content that matters most…

“Half” and “Whole” steps are the basic units in measuring the distances between two musical notes, and a basic understanding of them can be most useful for creating the spacings for the different kinds of scales and chord arpeggios that in turn, create the different kinds of feelings and moods in music… which is the REAL stuff that music is all about, is it not?

Here’s the video:

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