FJi Music Mechanics 101 Course

Fiddle Jam Institute Music Mechanics Course 101
Music Mechanics Course: Fiddle Jam style! Don’t let Music “Theory” scare you away from having fun with music. Learn the nuts and bolts of how music works as applied to your fiddle and being able to use it in the service of keeping your Goosebump Factor intact! I will show you the easiest ways to apply useful musical knowledge on the bandstand, on the fly, with as little thinking as possible, so you can continuously jam with glee, without all the brain jarring theoretical mumbo jumbo that the traditional Classical Music Theory class forces on you! Learn our special EZ chord speller system, scale anatomy, intervals, triads, 7th chords, arpeggios, note numbers, chord numbers, & how to jam using pentatonics, and more! Four-week course format includes: a weekly instructional webinar, open office hours and personal access to the instructor for your questions, fun quizzes, suggested bonus studies and access to the FJi lesson archive, and an “accountability” homework assignment for you to apply and perform an exercise from the material in front of a video camera, upload to the internet, and post the link to it for the instructor and fellow students to see on a special blog page just for this particular class. See:
Module 1 Music Mechanics Pre-quel: stuff we all need to know and agree on first  
Musical alphabet, natural half and whole steps, the correlation between sound and light, and other musi-philosophical stuff!
Unit 1 Music Mechanics 101 Welcome
Unit 2 MM101 Pre-quel
Unit 3 MM101 Pre-Course Quiz
Unit 4 How to embed your video in MM101 comment forms
Module 2 Week 1: Fji Music Mechanics Course 101  
Learn about and apply: major scale the standard bearer & formula note number system major interval "bass" lines minor intervals minor interval "bass" lines
Unit 1 Music Mechanics 101 Module 2 Master Class
Unit 2 major scale the standard bearer & formula
Unit 3 The note number system
Unit 4 Major Interval Bass Lines
Unit 5 Minor Intervals
Unit 6 Minor Interval Bass Lines
Unit 7 MM101 Module 2 Quiz
Unit 8 MM101 Module 2 Homework
Module 3 Week 2: FJi Music Mechanics Course 101  
This is the real bandstand stuff! Learn and apply: chord number system I IV V Blues progression - Basic Blues progression - common Blues progression terms how to hear I IV V by ear
Unit 1 MM101 Module 3 Master Class
Unit 2 Chord Number System
Unit 3 I - IV - V
Unit 4 Blues Progression - Basic
Unit 5 Blues Progression - Standard
Unit 6 Blues progression terms
Unit 7 How to hear I-IV-V by ear
Unit 8 MM101 Module 3 Quiz
Unit 9 MM101 Module 3 Homework Review
Module 4 Week 3: FJi Music Mechanics Course 101  
Learn more details about: 4 kinds of triads diatonic triads - major 7th chords & secret hand shakes arpeggios and... our famous EZ Chord Speller System! (instantly spell any chord with minimal memorization and thinking)
Unit 1 MM101 Module 4 Master Class
Unit 2 4 Kinds of Triads
Unit 3 Diatonic Triads of Major
Unit 4 7th Chords & Secret Handshakes
Unit 5 Arpeggios
Unit 6 EZ Chord Speller System
Unit 7 MM101 Module 4 Quiz
Unit 8 MM101 Module 4 Homework
Module 5 Week 4: FJi Music Mechanics Course 101  
Learn about: "That fiddle sound," using drone strings leading tones, 1/2 step movements, and common tones tater-ing basics - creating improvised back-up accompaniments minor pentatonic scale and jams major pentatonic scale and jams bonus: rhythm reading for non-readers and more!
Unit 1 MM101 Module 5 Master Class
Unit 2 "That fiddle sound" - using drones
Unit 3 Tater-ing Basics
Unit 4 Minor Pentatonic Jams
Unit 5 Major Pentatonic Jams
Unit 6 Relative Pentatonics
Unit 7 Bonus: Rhythm Reading for Non-Readers
Unit 8 Time Signatures & Meters
Unit 9 MM101 Module 5 Quiz
Unit 10 MM101 Module 5 Homework


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