Free Blues Violin Primer Series

Please enjoy these free video lessons about learning Blues Violin and what it can do for you.

Video 1: Blues Violin Why? & What It Can Do For You!

Video #2: EZ Blues Violin Improv Lesson!

Here’s a Bonus Jam-Along track to try what you’ve learned in the Improv lesson above to.  This is only available here at FJi.

 Video #3: EZ Boogie Woogie Blues Violin Primer!

Video #4: All You Need To Know, 12 bars, terms and more!

Video #5: Coming Blues Violin Course Announcement!

Video #6: Blues Course Hot Words!  They say, a picture is worth a 1000 words?… a list of good words can be a pretty clear picture too!!

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Next Video: Blues Violin Course Details !


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