I’ll See You In My Dreams

This simple melody is often done in the gypsy jazz style.

Mechanics: Note that the chord progression starts on the IV chord (Bb) and not the actual overall tonic (F).  I personally follow the chord changes pretty closely on this one.  There are not a lot of short-cuts you can take to solo over this progression.  The good news is that the chords do not move too fast.  Notice that the 2nd chord (Bbm6) has the 6th (G) in the melody.  Minor6 chords are fairly typical of this era.  Though I do not go for a lot of this “think-of-a-substitute-scale-over-the-chord-double-thinking” kind of stuff, I sometimes do “think” G diminished arpeggios on this chord rather than the Bbm6.  It is nearly the same, and seems easier to me.  The last 4 bars of the B section is the one place you may be able to get away with just F “stuff.”  Try throwing in some F blues licks for end-of-phrase punctuation.  Have Fun!  See the play-along tracks & Master Class audio below for more…


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