Juke Gypsy – G.F. Perry tune

Here’s a song I wrote in 2005 for the gypsy jazz group Babik.  It’s a decent tune, but didn’t make it on our 2nd album.  I think it can successfully be played in more of a BeBop style.  Gypsy Jazz icon, Django Reinhardt had leanings towards BeBop later in his career.

Improv: You can follow the changes for this one using the scale of each passing chord, of course, but there’s an excellent chance that your improvisation will end up sounding very technical and “chord-y” this way too.  The more melodic approach may be to divide the chord progression up into “diatonic chunks” as I like to call them too.  To do this, just jam using the G major scale for the first 4 bars, the C major scale for the next 4 bars, and loosely “wind” your way back to G major for the last 4 bars of the A section while leaning on more chromatics (1/2 step oriented ideas).  The B section

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