Music Essentials – Rhythm

Rhythm is definitely one of the weirdest spelled words in the English language, but in my opinion one of the, and most likely THE most important concept in music!

It has been proven by me in thousands of tests with students and music fans that Rhythm is more important to our musical experience than correct notes or a good tone even!  You can actually play the wrong notes on purpose… but at the right times, and people can still sort of tell what song it is more often than not!!

Rhythm is where the magic in music is.  It is kind of mystical that no matter how much we learn about music… all the intricacies of Music Theory and harmony, composition and history, or even the physics and science behind music… that none seem to have even the slightest clue as to what a beat is!  Very interesting… and humbling.

Check out my original Fiddle Jam Book lesson: Mary and the Rhythm Kings for more info.


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