Numbers, to many, have meanings.  Numerologists are people who claim to know what each number universally means and their combinations thereof.  Seem far out and weird?  I thought so at one point myself, but one can not deny that they are everywhere and many times consistently appear.  Music is filled with numbers too.  Many times these are the same numbers as religions and science.  …very interesting.

For me, besides my personal metaphysical studies on this and other related subjects, I went through a period where “ones” and “zeros” kept appearing to me many times per day.  Curious, I though.  Example: every time I looked at a clock during the day it was only filled with 1’s or 0’s… like 11:11, 1:10, 10:01, etc… I just found out that I am not alone in this.  Check out this internet article about this happening to many others (maybe you too?).

There is a book by Dan Millman (author of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior) “The Life You Were Born to Live,” about the numbers in your birthdate and how they effect your whole life.  “Yeah, right” part of me said… but I’ll be darned if the chapter on my numbers didn’t “peg” my personality!  I read other chapters in disbelief just to make sure he wasn’t saying the same general stuff for all the numbers, but nope, not the same.  …interesting.

I’ve written much on this site about musical numbers and how they mirror religion, etc… like 12 notes in an octave and 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles, 12 on the clock, 12 zodiacs, 12 months, counting by dozens (what sense does that really make and where did this practice come from?)… or how about 7 notes in the major scale, 7 colors in the rainbow, gambler’s lucky 7, 7 days in a week, even the Christian bible says the “holy number of God” is… you guessed it… 7… why not 6? or 8? or the much easier to count by, 10?  Another interesting number is 5… numerologists say that 5 is an “earth” number.  OOOOKKKKK…. I said.  But I’ll be darned again if our 5 note pentatonic scales don’t sound more “earthy” than the 7 note scales!  I’ve heard people even say “Get down!” when we play pentatonic riffs like blues!  Coincidence?  Maybe. … or maybe NOT!?

There certainly seems to be some kind of connection between numbers and meaning, whether I personally understand what it is or not!  I’ve often said that these questions are ones I’m saving up for “answer-land” after I die!  I’m happy to hear what you might think or feel about such things.  Feel free to comment below.



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  1. Gabrielle Peralta December 7, 2015 at 5:49 am #

    I’ve heard that the practice of counting in groups of twelve rather than ten, comes from the Sumerians, though I’m not sure without doing more research. Interesting article, though. I have fond memories of you expounding on this, a few years ago.

    • fiddlejamman December 7, 2015 at 3:41 pm #

      Hi Gabrielle! Hope you are well. Sorry if I “expounded” a little too exceedingly back then! I get so excited about curious things. ;~)

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