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Oh Yeah… and don’t forget to breathe!”

As odd as this sounds, you’d be surprised at how many people stop breathing unconsciously, or even hold their breath on purpose when trying to concentrate.  Breathing is probably the most important and necessary thing you can do.  It’s the first and the last thing you will do as a human being on this planet and essential to life, health, concentration, and relaxation.  Did I succeed at making it sound like a big deal?  I hope so.

At one time or another all my students get the “breathing speech”, and I ask them:

1) “How long can you live without food?”  Their answers vary (some think only to lunch, others maybe one day or two max….), but the truth is, depending on how fat you are, roughly around one month.

2) “How long can you go without sleep?”  Again, answers vary, but sleep deprivation experiments usually last less than one week to the best of my knowledge (until the subject falls into some sort of sleep coma!).

3) “How long can you go without water?”  Dying of dehydration can happen in a matter of 3 or 4 days, of course, depending on how much you sweat!

And finally,

4) “How long can you go without air?”  Not months, not weeks, not days, not hours, not even a few minutes before brain damage occurs!!!  It is in everyone’s best interest to breath deep full breaths, just as babies do naturally, and singers, martial artists, and athletes (to name a few) are trained to do.  Air is direct brain fuel.  Relaxed concentration and good memory (along with a strong immune system and a host of other benefits)  can not be had without it.

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