Old Joe Clark

 Fun fiddle tune with crazy lyrics that are the epitome of the early 1800’s era, simple back-ups, E-Z melody uses a lowered 2nd finger on the E string.  Slow version helps with reminders of low 2’s and high 2’s.  Medium speed version is simple with a little guitar back-up.  Pot Luck Pickin’ Party (PLPP) version is actually not much faster than the medium speed version!  I chose to do this on purpose to give it a kind of drunken silly quality that the lyrics kind of call for I think.  Hope you enjoy!  I’ll include a faster version too, to prepare you for the fiddle session tempo where it will most likely be played at.  Have fun!

Jam-along: This one is a little different than most beginning songs to jam along to. Though the overall key is A, the overall scale used it A Mixolydian (one of the modes you can learn about in our other lessons). Don’t let that throw you off though, A Mixolydian is nothing more than an A major scale with the 7th note lowered to G natural instead of G#. Another way to look at it, is that it actually has the same exact notes in it as the D major scale, but with A as your tonic or starting note. Give it a try and have fun!

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  1. Experience Path - Three EZ Fiddle Tunes | Fiddle Jam Institute - May 4, 2015

    […] Old Joe Clark.  The epitome of silliness, lyrics to this song abound.  Besides Old Joe having a 16 story house that was filled with chicken pie, my favorite verse is about his friends warning Joe about his girlfriend:  “Old Joe Clark don’t marry that girl, tell you the reason why, she’ll blow her nose on your cornbread and call it pumpkin pie!”  Gotta love the humor!  Technically this song has low 2 fingering (on the E string) and normal high 2’s (on the A string).  Be sure to get those right and you should be fine. […]

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