Open Office Hour #1

Here we go… and so if begins!  I hope you enjoy and benefit from this.  Please let me know your thoughts, as your input will drive future Open Office Hours content.  I’m doing these unscripted, with a simple outline of some things I’d like to cover, and thought that I might not have enough to fill a full hour… but there is it… proof that if you give me a reason to talk… I’ll just keep blabbing!!  Ha!

Here’s my outline for this OOH (Open Office Hour):

  • Intro: Format, what will be covered, welcome to new FJi, YouTube, and FaceBook subscribers, Riff Master Pro info, iFiddle magazine article, new Truck Talk, the ORSH Method.
  • Level 1: If I only had time to learn ONE thing… what should it be? (Ans: Blues Scales)
  • Level 2: That Fiddle sound – how to get it, I-IV-V
  • Level 3: Trusting your own inner creative “voice” as THE top priority.
  • Closing: The Sit-In Situation

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