Open Office Hours now on our Facebook Fiddle Jam Institute page

With the recent release of the new Facebook app, “Facebook Live,” I’ve tested it a number of times while FB worked out some bugs and kept the first successful test here on our Fiddle Jam Institute Facebook page.  See the Test 7.15.16 post.

While you are there, go ahead and “Like” the page if you would, if you haven’t already.  I’m told that that sort of thing helps our cause… and will also auto notify you in your FB feed when I’ve done one of these FB Live videos.  I believe that I will also be able to pre-announce them there too, as well as our usual avenue for doing such things in the Fiddle Jam Club Newsletter.

I’m thinking that this will be an excellent replacement for my earlier attempts and webinar style Open Office Hours.  I’ll have to see if we can figure out how to re-post these FB posts here.  Is that possible?  Anybody know? …ahhh… just figured it out.Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 3.42.58 AM

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