Fiddle Jam Book – 1st edition digital download + bonus tracks

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Fiddle Jam Book digital download with 44 audio tracks PLUS 18 Bonus “Band-Only” jam tracks (62 total).

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Digital copy of the original 1st edition (pre-Hal Leonard Corp.) with all the CD tracks PLUS all the “No Violin” tracks that I was not able to fit on the CD!  Publishing companies that I was negotiating with at the time all asked for a “split mix” format to the play-along tracks.  “Split mix” is where you hear the backing band playing in both ears, or sides of the stereo mix, but only hear my violin improv performances on one side/ear.  This way, you can take one ear bud out if you wanted to “go it alone” without hearing me.  That works, but is a compromise.  Here I also include the separate tracks “without me” in the download bundle.

Download Bundle Includes:

  • 114 page digital eBook pdf & 62 audio tracks!


  • Intro Section with fingering ledgers, general instructions, and how-to’s
  • 7 chapters take you through various EZ-Zone fingerings used for the lessons
  • 18 different jam-along lessons
  • 8-lesson chapter on Boogie Woogie back-up variations
  • 9 “wit & wisdom” essays that give encouragement and teach about the right performance attitudes
  • Each lesson includes a “Jam Stuff” spoken instruction track and the “Jam Example” track
  • Bonus: extra “Band-only” jam-along tracks not included with physical book purchase
  • 62 audio tracks in all!


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