Private Video Exchange Lesson

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Private video exchange lesson

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This is a great method to get some personal coaching, when one (or both) of the parties (me &/or you) might not have the greatest internet broadband speeds or, just not have a similar enough schedule to find a common time to do the one-on-one live web cam lessons.

How it works: Just make a short video (max. 10 minutes) of you, asking questions of me.  Play examples of your trouble spots, or any parts you want to show me for comment, advice, or encouragement (or all-of-the-above!). Upload your video file to YouTube (marking it as “private” will work if you just want me to see it and no one else), email me the YouTube address/link of your video (found by clicking the “share” tab on your YouTube video’s page, under the video window between “about” and “add to”).  I will then return my response in the same manner to you.  This way each of us can do our part as is convenient for ourselves …though I promise not to take too long to respond!


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